Wet Well Installation, Cleaning, Inspections, and Maintenance Services

For Golf Courses, HOA's, and Commercial Properties

We can help you develop your community lake into being aesthetically pleasing and rehabilitate your well systems.


We have developed a system uses a specially-formulated chemical that treats the water from the lake intake pipe up to the we well killing all microscopic organisms. When you turn your pumps on, it takes the treated water through the irrigation lines killing off all living microscopic organisms, snails, clams, etc. that are in the irrigation lines, that would otherwise be clogging sprinkler heads.

We custom fabricate lake intake basket to fit the lake intake pipe. We also fabricate stainless steel pump baskets.

We can pull the sand and debris from lake to build up the lost embankment and lay felt and rip rap to restore the stability of the lake banks.

We firmly believe that preventive maintenance is the solution to eliminating interruptions in daily operations caused by storm water issues.

M.R.I. Inspections can assist you with developing a maintenance program that fits your specific needs on all your infrastructure from yearly inspections to cleaning.

Regular cleaning of stormwater systems ensures that during periods of heavy rain the systems can function at their optimal efficiency to carry stormwater away from parking lots, roads, and buildings.

we provide professional ROV storm drain inspections throughout Florida to ensure that your storm drains are running properly. Our team is full of experienced divers and workers who have the knowledge to complete stormwater pipe inspections efficiently and thoroughly. If we find any issues with your storm draining system, we provide a variety of repair services catered to your problem.


Sinkhole Repair