Drainage Maintenance

Prevent Flooding by Keeping Your Storm Drains Clean

Is Your Storm Drain Prepared for Summer Storms?

While Florida is no stranger to the torrential summer storms, this year’s higher than average rainfall levels have left many streets resembling streams all over the state. Storm drains are designed to help alleviate potential flooding issues after a rain event by transporting excessive water quickly away from roads, parking lots and buildings.

Why is it important to have an effective storm drain maintenance program?

Annual inspection services is a vital aid to ensuring storm drain systems are not threatened by debris infiltration or any other forms of damage that can heighten your flood risks. There are various factors that contribute to blockages and buildups in the drainage system which include run off from the streets, landscaping, and pre-construction material. Over time the accumulated debris prevents storm water from draining effectively, causing flooding. A preventative storm system maintenance program is essential to identifying and rectifying problem areas in your system, whether caused by debris buildup or pipe integrity issues.

Let us help you keep the proper flow in your community.

M.R.I. is uniquely different from other companies because we utilize commercial certified divers to dive the storm drain inlets and lakes to physically inspect and determine the condition. We also offer pipeline video inspections with a remotely operated underwater camera and a video crawler. After the inspection has been completed we provide an inspection report with the field findings and a proposal cost to complete the cleaning of identified problem areas. M.R.I. owns and operates all of our own equipment, including a Vactor truck and excavator, so all cleaning is completed in-house keeping it cost-effective. 

Whether you want to prevent future flooding or fix flooding issues you currently have, we are confident that we can meet your needs.

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Prevent Flooding by Keeping Storm Drains Clean