M.R.I. Wet Well Treatment System

Overview of the Wet Well Treatment System

Self-automated system; it works by itself

The chemicals we use are safe and contained

Our system is noncorrosive or toxic to the wet well or intake pipe whether concrete or galvanized

Our system is clean and efficient

Throughout Southwest Florida, the vast majority of golf courses and communities utilize on-site bodies of fresh or brackish water for their localized landscape irrigation needs. Due to the average year-round temperatures and nutrient densities of these bodies of water the growth and proliferation of bryozoan colonies, snails, clams and other living microscopic organisms creates seemingly ever-present issues for maintenance workers. Large colonies of bryozoa, resembling matte-like chunks of moss or jelly make their homes in intake pipes, we wells and pipe grating. As these organisms break away from the colonies they are carried through the irrigation systems where they clog sprinkler heads and cause major damage to pumps.

M.R.I. Underwater Specialists have developed a treatment system that can solve this problem. Our system uses a specially-formulated chemical that treats the water from the lake intake pipe up to the we well killing all microscopic organisms. When our system is running, it is treating the wet well water. When you turn your pumps on, it takes the treated water through the irrigation lines killing off all living microscopic organisms, snails, clams, etc. that are in the irrigation lines, that would otherwise be clogging sprinkler heads. M.R.I. recommends that the irrigation techs use a blow-off in their system to alleviate 75% of material reaching their sprinkler heads. We also recommend you do this on a regular basis. We have found that over time this problem is cleared up because the system is keeping the irrigation lines free of microscopic organisms.

What People are Saying About Us…

"Our treated wet well has been consistently cleaner than before we installed the system."
James Schilling
Fiddlesticks Country Club
"Mike's custom chemical treatment system has been in operation over four years with excellent performance in terms of protecting our intake system and irrigation pumps."
Todd Darche
Health Park of Florida

We have installed over 80 treatment systems for golf courses and communities across the state of Florida